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Digital Intermediates for Film and Video
Digital Intermediates for Film and Video

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By Jack James

The Digital Intermediate process (DI), or conversion of film to digital bits and then back to film again, has great potential to revolutionize the postproduction process. The DI has tremendous advantages, ranging from improved quality (first "print" is as good as the last) to cost savings (no re-mastering) to digital distribution (bits and bytes: no film in canisters). The DI influences everything from on set production to the delivery of content to consumers and everything in between.

This book teaches the fundamental concepts and workflow of the digital intermediate process. Covers basics of film first, and then introduces the digital world--including a tutorial on digital images, asset management, online editing, color correction, restoration, film and video output, mastering and quality control.

Jack's clear and easy-to-follow explainiation of Hollywood buzz words and components makes the subject matter accessbile to anyone.


  • The Digital Intermediate Paradigm
  • Video
  • Photographic Film
  • Digital Media
  • Acquisition
  • Asset Management
  • Conforming
  • Color Grading
  • Retouching and Restoration
  • Digital Effects and Titles
  • Output
  • Quality Control
  • The Future of Digital Film
  • Virtual Cinematography

Additional Info
    • Publisher: Focal Press
    • Page Count: 568
    • ISBN#: 0-240-80702-2