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Filmmaking, Narrative and Structural Techniques
Filmmaking, Narrative and Structural Techniques

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Price: $15.95

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By Bob Foss

A unique, illustrated guide to and appraisal of the basic narrative and structural techniques employed, either consciously or intuitively, by all successful filmmakers. Filled with examples from popular flms and television shows, this book seamlessly joins theory and practice in an accessible approach to filmmaking

This study is not an academic treatise. It does not pretend to offer incontrovertible truths about the nature of film or television.

The material in this book is based on my own experience over the last twenty years of what works and what does not work when films or TV programs are being made. Two simple principles have guided the selection and the presentation of the material.

1) The terminology, when defined properly, should be accessible to any reader with a serious interest in film practice, irrespective of his or her academic background.

2) The principles should be immediately applicable to his or her own work with film or TV.

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    • Publisher: Silman-James Press
    • Page Count: 204
    • ISBN#: 1-879505-14-2