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The Complete Independent Movie Marketing Handbook
The Complete Independent Movie Marketing Handbook

List Price: $39.95
Price: $39.95

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By Mark S. Bosko

If you're an independent filmmaker looking for information on how to market, distribute and find audiences for your movies and videos, you'll find street-smart savvy and real-world examples on how to promote and sell your productions in this book. Includes both traditional and guerilla marketing techniques that'll make your film stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. From landing a distribution deal and getting free media coverage to staging a low-cost premiere and selling your movie to video rental chains and over the Internet, this book is a ‘must-have" for any independent film or video maker looking to seriously launch and sustain a career in the entertainment industry.

"Creative types, be they scriptwriters, filmmakers or actors, just naturally lack marketing skills. That's why so many of them pray they find a good agent. However, in order to get that agent, they still have to market themselves and, as everyone knows, creative types lack marketing skills. It is the proverbial vicious circle. Mark Bosko's new book, The Complete Independent Movie Marketing Handbook, is designed to help creative types get past their built-in aversion to marketing. It's not going to lighten the workload, but it helps to clarify it.Foreword by Chris Gore, Editor of Film Threat Online

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    • Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
    • Page Count: 361
    • ISBN#: 0-941188-76-0