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Nonlinear Editing: Aesthetics, Storytelling and Craft
Nonlinear Editing: Aesthetics, Storytelling and Craft

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By Bryce Button

Chock full of provocative ideas, insights, resources, tools, and exercises, this book will serve as your virtual mentor inspiring you to making better decisions in the edit bay and in your career. Hone your instincts. Know where to cut — and when not to cut. Boost your confidence in your aesthetic decisions so you can effectively collaborate in the brotherhood of filmmaking. Pursue your craft and perpetuate your career by learning how to work with clients, manage the chaos, and get still more business.

Editor, director, producer, or screenwriter — whatever your venue — take stock of the theories, precedents, processes, and politics that have shaped your voice and discover how the keystrokes of an NLE can articulate it. Gather your tools, plan your process, and listen to your collaborators, the camera, light, and actors. Learn how you can employ myth in storytelling, overcome story problems, and present your narrative with elegant transitions, color and composition, compositing, and sound.

Principles, techniques, resources, and inspiration, to suit any platform — any NLE! Interviews with Tom Rolf, Mary Sweeney, and Elizabeth Rufenacht (among others) offer the wisdom of seasoned pros. The companion CD-ROM offers a treasure trove of valuable software, image files, tools, utilities, fonts, filters, and sounds. Useful bibliographies, checklists, and documents include editing guidelines, application tipsheets, bin examples, story structure questions, and job flow and budgeting spreadsheets.

CD-ROM included

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    • Publisher: CMP Books
    • Page Count: 523
    • ISBN#: 1-57820-096-2