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The Art of the Cinematographer: A Survey and Interviews with Five Masters
The Art of the Cinematographer: A Survey and Interviews with Five Masters

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By Leonard Maltin

The perfect harmony of photography and story has been the goal of professional cinematographers since Billy Bitzer first filmed the ideas of D.W. Griffith. The art of the cinematographer has often been submerged beneath fashionable theories of director as autuer or the star system. The Art of the Cinematographer brings the importance of the cameraman into perspective, focusing on cinematography in the history of film and offering candid interviews with five great exponents of the art. This expanded edition covers both the evolution of cinematographic techniques and the many distinctive personalities and anecdotes which for the history of this pivotal area in filmmaking. One hundred and five photographs over 50 new to this edition portray the cameraman at work. Five men who broke anonymity barrier speak about their careers, which collectively encompass the entire era of American film to date: Arthur Miller, ASC (How Green Was My Valley, Anna And The King Of Siam), Hal Mohr, ASC (The Jazz Singer, The Front Page and Captain Blood), Hal Rosson, ASC (The Wizard Of Oz, and Singin' In The Rain, Lucien Ballard, ASC (The Wild Bunch, True Grit), and Conrad Hall, ASC (In Cold Blood, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid).
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    • Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc.
    • Page Count: 140
    • ISBN#: 0-486-23686-2