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2016 / 10 — October issue of American Cinematographer
2016 / 10 — October issue of American Cinematographer

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Here's the October 2016 issue of American Cinematographer magazine, with a special focus on lighting tools and techniques.

Empire (Fox Network)
Paul Sommers returns for the third season of this wildly popular series. Created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, the show explores the family drama surrounding Empire Entertainment, headed by hip-hop mogul Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard), whose ex-wife, Cookie (Taraji P. Henson), has her own stake in and plans for the company. Sommers offers his account from behind the camera on the series, which shoots in Chicago, standing in for New York City.

Deepwater Horizon (Summit Entertainment)
Enrique Chediak, ASC joined director Peter Berg to tell the harrowing story of the eponymous offshore drilling rig, which, in 2010, exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in the largest oil spill in U.S. history. Mark Wahlberg stars as Mike Williams, who is aboard the rig at the time of the explosion and, alongside his crewmates, has to navigate the sinking and burning platform in a desperate bid for survival. Chediak offers a detailed look behind the scenes of the production, which was primarily based in New Orleans.

Invisible (Condé Nast Entertainment)
Lewis Smithingham is the CTO and VR specialist for 30 Ninjas, the digital entertainment company founded by Doug Liman. The 30 Ninjas team's latest project is this virtual-reality, short-form, episodic action-thriller written by Melisa Wallack. Smithingham details the production and the technology involved, and discuss the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the nascent VR medium.

ASC Master Class Student Spotlight
Since launching in 2013, the ASC Master Class has hosted more than 100 students, who have traveled from around the globe to learn from the membership of the ASC and to build lasting relationships with one another. AC catches up with a handful of past students to learn what they've been up to since participating in the Master Class, and how the program has impacted their work behind the camera.

The October issue's departments also offer illuminating insights:

  • Short Takes catches up with cinematographer Chuck Ozeas, who invited AC to the set while he was shooting the Sunday Night Football show open.
  • Production Slate unravels the mysteries of Meridian, a period short directed by Curtis Clark, ASC and shot by Markus Förderer, BVK. This section also gets funky with the Netflix series The Get Down, shot by William Rexer.
  • ASC Close-Up spotlights Society member Peter Anderson, a past recipient of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science's Gordon E. Sawyer Award and an expert in visual effects and 3D cinematography. Anderson's credits as a cinematographer or visual-effects supervisor include Captain EO, T2 3-D: Battle Across Time, Sesame Street 4-D, Star Trek: The Experience – Borg Invasion 4D, U2 3D and Wild Ocean.