Cinematography: Third Edition

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By Kris Malkiewicz and M. David Mullen, ASC

Since its initial publication in 1973, Cinematography has become the guidebook for filmmakers. Based on their combined fifty years in the film and television industry, authors Kris Malkiewicz and M. David Mullen lay clear and concise groundwork for basic film techniques, focusing squarely on the cameraman's craft. Readers will then learn step-by-step how to master more advanced techniques in postproduction, digital editing, and overall film production.

This completely revised third edition, with more than 200 new illustrations, will provide a detailed look at:



  • How expert camera operation can produce consistent, high-quality results


  • How to choose film stocks for the appearance and style of the finished film


  • How to measure light in studio and location shooting for the desired appearance


  • How to coordinate visual and audio elements to produce high-quality sound tracks


Whether the final product is a major motion picture, an independent film, or simply a home video, Cinematography can help any filmmaker translate his or her vision into a quality film.

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