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In the Blink of an Eye
Academy Award Winning editor and sound designer Walter Murch's vivid, multifaceted and thought-provoking essay on film editing starts with what might be the most basic editing question, "Why do cuts work?"  He offers his unique…
Filmmaker's Dictionary, 2nd Edition
Filmmaker's Dictionary, 2nd Edition
Price: $15.00
You Save: $7.95

Hailed when it was first published as the "definitive film dictionary," the second edition of Filmmakers Dictionary has been completely updated and expanded to include over 5000 terms. This new edition incorporates all of…

Filmmaking, Narrative and Structural Techniques
A unique, illustrated guide to and appraisal of the basic narrative and structural techniques employed, either consciously or intuitively, by all successful filmmakers. Filled with examples from popular flms and television shows, this book seamlessly…
The MovieMaking With Your Camera  Field Guide
The MovieMaking With Your Camera Field Guide
Price: $15.95
You Save: $10.00
Unknowingly, photographers are already trained in many of the key skills behind great cinematography-not least the arts of lighting and composition. Now, with the advent of high-definition video recording capabilities, the cameras have finally caught…
Setting Up Your Shots
Setting Up Your Shots
Price: $17.21
You Save: $5.74
Whether you need to learn the difference between a jump cut and a match cut or you're a working filmmaker looking for visual ideas on how to best communicate the stories you want to tell…
Digital Moviemaking 3.0
Digital Moviemaking 3.0
Price: $18.50
You Save: $6.45
This is not another "how-to-make-a-movie" book. This book is about how to be successful at making your movies in a very competitive market. Scott Billups' experience-backed advice will kick your professionalism, tool set and image…
Digital Video Secrets
Digital Video Secrets
Price: $18.71
You Save: $6.24
What the Pros Know and the Manuals Don't Tell You. Whether you spent $200 or $20,000 on your camera, this book will give you what you need to get a great look.  Here…
Direct Your Own Damn Movie!
The Independent Directing Bible that will fit in your back pocket!. (If you have an extremely large pocket. .). Have you always wanted to direct a movie, but don't know how to start?
From Word to Image:Storyboarding and the Filmmaking Process
Never before have the means of cinematic storytelling been put into the hands of so many. Thousands of new storytellers are taking advantage of media that did not exist a decade ago. With entry-level HD…
Master Shots Vol 3: The Director's Vision: 100 Setups, Scenes and Moves for Your Breakthrough Movie

The Master Shots books have garnered critical acclaim throughout the world. In this new volume, Kenworthy gets directors to define their vision in every shot and provides advanced techniques to make a breakthrough film.

Film Directing: Cinematic Motion 2nd
Film Directing: Cinematic Motion 2nd
Price: $20.96
You Save: $6.99
Cinematic Motion has helped directors create a personal camera style and master complex staging challenges for over a decade. Since digital technology has revolutionized filmmaking, this second edition adds chapters on digital visualization and script…
Total Directing
Total Directing
Price: $21.95
You Save: $8.00
TOTAL DIRECTING is the first book to fully integrate the technical aspects of screen directing with practical methods for directing actors, deeply and carefully exploring how these two primary aspects of the director's craft work…