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Book of Sides II: Original, Two-Page Scenes for Actors and Directors
Book of Sides II: Original, Two-Page Scenes for Actors and Directors
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By Dave Kost


Book of Sides II: Original, Two-Page Scenes for Actors and Directors is the second book in the Book of Sides series by Dave Kost, featuring original, two-page, two-character scenes for use in acting, directing, and auditioning classes. While shorter than the traditional three-to-six-page scenes commonly used in classes, Book of Sides II features longer scenes than the first Book of Sides with greater character development, more reversals, and stronger climaxes.

  • Balanced, structured scenes designed specifically for educational use challenge both actors and directors equally with objectives, obstacles, tactics, and subtext;
  • Two-page length is ideal for high-intensity exercises and faster-paced workshops;
  • Printed in easy-to-read film-script format with plenty of room for notes;
  • Scenes are completely original and unencumbered by copyright, so students may film and post legally on the internet;
  • Universally castable, so all roles can be played by actors of any gender, appearance, skill level, or ethnicity;
  • Accessibly-written for modern students, helping them to focus on the fundamentals of performance and directing;
  • Simple and conducive to performing in a classroom without sets, costumes, or special props.

This book was written by an educator for educators and designed for use in the classroom. Never search for scenes again!

Crafting Short Screenplays That Connect
Crafting Short Screenplays That Connect
Price: $36.95
You Save: $9.00
Crafting Short Screenplays That Connect, Fourth Edition stands alone among screenwriting books by emphasizing that human connection, though often overlooked, is as essential to writing effective screenplays as conflict. This groundbreaking book will show you…
Grammar of the Shot 4th Edition
Grammar of the Shot 4th Edition
Price: $39.95
You Save: $15.97
The newly-revised and updated fourth edition of Grammar of the Shot teaches
readers the principles behind successful visual communication in motion
media through shot composition, screen direction, depth cues, lighting,
camera movement, and shooting for editing. Many general practices are
suggested that should help to create rich, multi-layered visuals.
Designed as an easy-to-use reference, Grammar of the Shot
presents each topic succinctly with clear photographs and diagrams
illustrating key concepts, practical exercises, and quiz questions, and
is a staple of any filmmaker’s library.
Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies
Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies
Price: $21.95
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In the long-awaited sequel to his surprise bestseller, Save the Cat!, author and screenwriter Blake Snyder returns to form in a fast-paced follow-up that proves why his is the most talked-about approach to screenwriting in years. In the perfect companion piece to his first book, Snyder delivers even more insider’s information gleaned from a 20-year track record as “one of Hollywood’s most successful spec screenwriters,” giving you the clues to write your movie.
Screenwriting Tips, You Hack
Screenwriting Tip #99. Voice-over usually feels like scaffolding. You know-something you left in there when you were constructing the first draft, but really should have torn out after it served its purpose.  Screenwriting…
When one thinks of storytelling, the forces of good and evil certainly come to mind. Without that conflict the story lacks the forward motion so important to captivate our imaginations. When we have the opportunity…