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Chinese Lantern Socket Assembly
A Must Have Item When You Buy Chinese Laterns. Maximum Wattage:500.
Lastolite EzyBalance Calibration Cards
The EzyBalance 'point and shoot' allows you to concentrate on the important part of  photography, composition and 'capturing the moment'. This handy double sided 'pop  up' 18% grey/white card simplifies the complex technical issues…
Lastolite Tri Grip
Lastolite Tri Grip
Price: $77.00
The expanded range of TriGrip reflectors now come with a new moulded handle with securing strap, allowing even more accurate positioning of the reflector with one hand.
Lastolite TriFlip
Lastolite TriFlip
Price: $30.00
Never get caught out again, up to 8 surfaces in the same bag. The TriFlips are designed to increase the versatility of the TriGrip reflector. Simply insert the TriGrip into the TriFlip sleeve for instant…
LEE Lighting Gel Pack "Color Effects" 12 Sheat/Pack
This Gel Contains 2 #106 Primary Red, 2 #139 Primary Green, 2 #119 Dark Blue, 2 #010 Medium Yellow, 2 #790 Moroccan Pink, 2 #181 Congo Blue.
LEE Lighting Gel Pack "Diffusion" 12 Sheets/Pack
This Gel Pack Contains 2 #216 Full White Diffusion,2 #250 1/2 White Diffusion,2 #251 1/4 White Diffusion,2 #400 LEE Lux,2 #410 Opal Frost,2 #253 Hampshire Frost.
LEE Lighting Gel Pack "Master Location"36 Sheets/Pk
This Pack Contains 2 #200 Double CTB, 2 #201 Full CTB,2 #202 1/2 CTB,2#203 1/4 CTB,2 #204 Full CTO, 2 #205 1/2 CTO,2 #206 1/4 CTO…