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Bongo Ties 10 per Package
Bongo Ties 10 per Package
Price: $6.99
You Save: $3.00
The minute you SNAP a BongoTie™ into place, you realize that you've discovered the very best way to fasten or organize all those unruly items in your life!
Cameraman's Fiberglass Tape Measure-Keson
Fiberglass Measuring Tape In A High-Quality Metal Housing. Measures In American And Matric Values.(50')
Cavision 52mm 0.7x Wide Angle Adapter for Director's Finder B&H # CA7WA52 MFR # LWA07X52
Achieve wider angles of view on your Directors Finder with the Cavision 52mm 0.7x Wide Angle Adapter for Director's Finder. The single element adapter increases the angle of view by 30% enabling a focal range of 12.6mm to 140mm (35mm motion picture film equivalent).
Key Features:. . • LED light illuminates the film title section of the slate and automatically shuts off when the clapper sticks are shut. . •Light offers fives modes: fast-flash, slow-flash, bright…
Cavision Next-Generation Slate with LED Light and Color Clap Sticks
Cavision Next-Generation Slate with LED Light and Color Clap Sticks
Price: $100.00
Sale Price: $90.00
You Save: $10.00
The Cavision Next-Generation Slate with LED Light and Color Clap Sticks is an updated version of the classic, film set, clapper slate.
cavision slate with clapper sticks
Key Features:Completely re-designed with numerous enhancementsFeatures a three dimensional ABS structure and re-enforced slate for extra durabilityText printed inside acrylic for a more fine & crisp appearance]]
Clapboard 'Economy' — Full Size — Masonite
This standard-size clapboard is perfect for students or independent filmmakers who are on a tight budget. This slate is made of masonite and has black & white wood sticks.
Film Slate — Acrylic White
Deluxe heavy duty acrylic slate with engraved text and inlaid color scale clapper.  7-1/2"x11
Film Slate — Insert
Acrylic Insert slate (no clapper) 4"x5
Film Slate, Dry Erase — EasySLATE
A durable and convenient Production Slate for any shoot, these dry erase cards are waterproof, washable, and rigid. The surface is made with state of the art polymers that can be easily wiped clean. The…
Putora 7A9 Field Chart Sharpness Indicator
The Sharpness Indicator is made up of test-targets with concentric circles printed on a Reference Field Level background.  The background has the same reflectance as the average reflectance of the targets.  When a target appears…
Putora HDTV Sharpness Indicator Chart (18"x23" HD and 2/3" TV)
The Putora Sharpness indicator HDTV Chart (18 x 23 inches) incorporates the following for testing high definition camera systems:. - An eleven-step TV gray scale for video setup. - Frequency scale. - 7A9 chart with…