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1990 / 01 — January Issue of American Cinematographer
War of The Roses. I'madman: Horror with Artistic Touch, Rich Technicolor Look Returns to Genre. Hitchcock's Techniques Tell Rear Window Story, Robert Burks, ASC on Paramount's Largest Stage Ever…
1990 / 02 — February Issue of American Cinematographer
Blaze. Born on The 4th of July, Richardson's Camera Depicts Post-Vietnam Horrors. Rise and Fall of The Emperor Jones (1933), Censored, Condemned a Mutilated Classic. Blaze
1990 / 03 — March Issue of American Cinematographer
Imax Feature: to The Limit. Showscan Expands Movie Realism, Through Eyes of Jack Cardiff, BSC. Imax Presses to The Limit, Greg MacGillivray Explains The Big Format. Iwerks Imagine 360 Catches…
1990 / 04 — April Issue of American Cinematographer
I Love You to Death. Revenge: The Most Primitive Motive, Kimball Captures Love Triangle In Mexico. The Mystery of The Wax Museum, a Finale for 2strip Technicolor.
1990 / 05 — May Issue of American Cinematographer
The Guardian. Academy Gives Effects Nod to Abyss, Complicated Competition for 1989 Honors. of Mice and Men Classic Americana, Little George, Big Lennie Romp to Tragedy. The
1990 / 06 — June Issue of American Cinematographer
Bird on a Wire. Los Angeles Frames Impulse, Dean Semler Brings His Talents to The Boulevard. Impulse: Contrast of The City Captured, Sondra Locke Directs Thriller. Bird…
1990 / 07 — July Issue of American Cinematographer
Total Recall. Strangers in The Night, 16mm Comedic Melodrama. The Alamo Wayne's Reel Heroes, Clothier's Photography "Admirably Simple". Total Recall Interplanetary Thriller, Vacano Finds Mars…
1990 / 08 — August Issue of American Cinematographer
Symphony In Riff. Die Hard II: Another Cat and Mouse Sequel, Wood's Photography Captures White Knuckle Action. Captain Noel's 1922 Conquest of Everest, First Motion Picture Film From Top of The…
1990 / 10 — October Issue of American Cinematographer
Emmy Nominations, Nine Cinematographers Honored. The Ginger Tree: a Production Diary, PBS Miniseries Shot In HDTV. Tag Team Cinematography for China Beach, Added Prep Time Makes Difference.
1990 / 11 — November Issue of American Cinematographer
Bonfire of The Vanities. The Hot Spot: Crime, Romance, Deceit, Steiger Records Small Town Chicanery. Soviet Cinematographers Survives Stalin, Koltsaty, Declared Dead, Reminisces. The Bonfire of The Vanities
1990 / 12 — December Issue of American Cinematographer
Solar Crisis. Valkenvania: a Haunting Comedy, Cundey's Twinning Techniques Reprised. Solar Crisis: At Odds with The Sun, Carpenter Explores Desert, Outer Space. Effects Heat Up Solar Crisis…
1991 / 01 — January Issue of American Cinematographer
Predator II. Slam, Bang, Crash, Boom for The Rookie, Green's Camera Snares Eastwood Film Style. The Thing 1951's Prize Fright, Russ Harlan Waves Sci-Fi Wand. Modern…