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A Complete Guide to the Z1U & FX1 Camcorders
This 100 minute DVD will tell you everything you'll need to know to get up and running quickly with either of the Sony HDV pro camcorders. All of the essential features and functions are covered…
A Guide to Shooting with the Sony XDCAM HD F350/F330 Camcorders
Shot entirely with Sony HDV cameras, this DVD teaches important aspects of HC1 setup and advanced techniques in clear-cut, step-by-step instructions. It takes you deep inside the HC1 with advice and information that will save…
Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones
Inexpensive consumer drones that offer ease of flight and high-quality photography and videography have exploded on the market recently, creating what can only be described as drone mania amongst a diverse range of potential users.
Basic Video Production: Camera Operation
This introductory-level program focuses on camera components, white balance, zoom, focus, depth-of-field along with the dos & don'ts of basic camera operation.
Filmmaker In A Box — A Case Study: 2 Million Stupid Women
Consisting of over 17 hours of behind-the-scenes material and hundreds pages of the actual documents used in the making of 2 Million Stupid Women, FILMMAKER IN A BOX will take you, step-by-step, through the exact…
Gel Latto
Gel Latto
Price: $26.00
Taurus Entertainment and Cine Tests compares three formats, DV, HD and Super 16mm to articulate the actual appearance of lighting gels on various media.  This saves the viewer considerable time and money deciding which format…
GoPro Professional Guide to Filmmaking
WHERE INSPIRATION MEETS TECHNICAL CRAFT, this guide to professional filmmaking with a GoPro is packed with hundreds of beautiful photos and interactive links to videos created by professional athletes, filmmakers, and inspired GoPro users around the world.
The Grip Book The Studio Grip's essential Guide 6th Ed
Description. Gain the essential skills of a professional grip to become the jack and master of all trades on a movie or television show set. Discover vital insider tips ranging from how to operateā€¦
The Virtual Bolex 2.0 16mm Camera Tutorial (CD-ROM)
The Virtual Bolex is an interactive tutorial and reference guide for the 16mm Bolex reflex movie camera, commonly used in beginning filmmaking classes at many universities. The tutorial is designed to permit students to get…