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A Complete Guide to the Z1U & FX1 Camcorders
This 100 minute DVD will tell you everything you'll need to know to get up and running quickly with either of the Sony HDV pro camcorders. All of the essential features and functions are covered…
A Guide to Shooting with the Sony XDCAM HD F350/F330 Camcorders
Shot entirely with Sony HDV cameras, this DVD teaches important aspects of HC1 setup and advanced techniques in clear-cut, step-by-step instructions. It takes you deep inside the HC1 with advice and information that will save…
A Movie Lover's Guide to Film Language
A general introduction to film language and five "lessons" covering the major elements of cinematic language: LIGHTING, CAMERA, MISE EN SCENE, SOUND and EDITING. For each of these lessons there is a short overview and…
AD: Organizing The Filmset
With a low budget and tight schedule plus setbacks and disasters ranging from the arrest of the caterer on day one of production to sudden schedule changes, actor illnesses and almost constant rain, this is…
Basic Video Production: Audio I
Basic Principles and Practices for getting high quality, clean audio for video productions.
Basic Video Production: Audio II
There are three types of sound: Voice, Sound Effects and Music. This program focuses on recording the voice.
Basic Video Production: Editing
An introduction to basic linear editing concepts for students. This video provides a general understanding of how to create a story, avoid jump cuts and edit like a pro.
Basic Video Production: Lighting I
This program was created for students in introductory and intermediate video courses and focuses on the properties of light and how to avoid potential lighting problems.
Basic Video Production: Lighting II
Created for students in introductory and intermediate video courses, this program focuses on building on the information from Lighting I and focuses on lighting instruments and technique.
Conducting Light on a Shoestring
Conducting Light on a Shoestring
Price: $86.00
You Save: $10.00
Ideal for college & high school design/production classes as well as introduction and appreciation courses. This new release clearly illustrates the creative process of 'conducting light' to the stage within the confines of limited space…
Conducting Light on a Shoestring
This program illustrates the creative processes of ‘conducting light' to the stage within the confines of limited space and budget.
Double Exposure: The Voice of the Camera (DVD)
This program preserves a remarkable body of informational films with movie and media pioneers, contemporary film technicians and screen artists.  It explores how films work technically and artistically and provides insight into the Hollywood camera…