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A Guide to Shooting with the Sony XDCAM HD F350/F330 Camcorders

List Price: $95.00
Price: $95.00

Product Code: XD350


From Hands-On Training

This training DVD was created for anyone who isn't satisfied with just picking up an HC1 and shooting in fully-automatic mode. It is a complete camcorder instructional video and an in-depth guide to advanced shooting techniques all in one package; packed with two hours of tutorials, examples, and detailed instructions to help both beginners and advanced videographers.

Shot entirely with Sony HDV cameras, this DVD teaches important aspects of HC1 setup and advanced techniques in clear-cut, step-by-step instructions. It takes you deep inside the HC1 with advice and information that will save you hours of time figuring out this camera for yourself. You'll learn to easily navigate your way through (and understand) the 80 menus and dozens of versatile and inter-related customizable settings.

Organized into 12 chapters for easy reference, with a full description of all the camera's features, buttons, controls, menus, and plenty of useful tips and real-world examples.