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DSLR Cinema
DSLR Cinema

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DSLR Cinema presents insight into different shooting styles and real-world tips and techniques indispensible to any DSLR filmmaker. This updated and expanded edition includes new workflows for Adobe Premier and Final Cut X-from syncing external audio settings to using the right settings. It also covers the workflow for using Technicolor's picture style, CineStyle, designed on consultation with Canon scientists.
DSLR Cinema features case studies of an international cast of cutting edge DSLR shooters, including Philip Bloom, Shane Hurlbut, Bernardo Uzeda, Rii Schroer, Danfun Dennis, and many more. The films are examined in detail, exploring how each exemplifies great storytelling, exceptional visual character, and how you can push the limits of your DSLR.
Author Bio
Kurt Lancaster has shot documentaries that have screened nationally and internationally. He has also consulted for the Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor, training some of their print journalists in video journalism, as well as shooting and editing documentary journalism pieces. He is also an assistant professor of digital media in the School of Communication at Northern Arizona University, where he teaches courses on documentary multimedia production, scriptwriting, and production techniques.
"A huge thank you to Kurt Lancaster for giving a voice to HDSLR in this new trail-blazing book.? -Shane Hurlbut, ASC (DP of Terminator Salvation)
"This book should be in every camera bag. A rich, comprehensive, and poetic examination of how filmmakers and cinematographers are creating stunning moving imagery with HDLSRs." -Rodney Charters, ASC (DP of TV series, 24).
"Kurt has written a masterpiece in HDSLR books-something that everyone starting to make a movie should read.?-planetMitch (
"Out of nowhere, two DSLR cameras came out, and over a period of 18 months, they have been embraced by everyone from Lucasfilm to keen enthusiasts .. This is easily the most exciting time I have experienced in my 20 or so years in the business.?-Philip Bloom, DP, Director, Filmmaker (
"It tells me exactly what I want to know — how to get the LOOK that I need. Hats off to the author for tackling this subject. It make the book INVALUABLE for the DSLR filmmaker." -Julian Grant, Producer/Director
"It will spread the revolution and introduce people to this way of thinking…it would be a must read for anyone who has been filming for a year or two and still thinks in the old ways of looking through a camera." -Andrew Jones, Cinematographer
"If you are new to filmmaking with a DSLR camera and are looking for a place to get started, or if you are a seasoned filmmaker and just want to add some knowledge to your experiences, DSLR Cinema: Crafting the Film Look with Video is a great place to start that will give you solid information that you can put into practice immediately." — Tracey Lee,
"[T]his is the best book/training material about HDSLR video I have seen so far.. It summarizes of all the information available on the net about HDSLR on top of which Kurt has added interesting case studies and behind the scene tips from other shooters."---Canon5DTips
"A valuable reference to DSLR camera abilities, offering case studies from an international cast of DSLR shooter and covering all the basic tools, techniques, and composition opportunities of DSLR."--CA Bookwatch
Part I Using the Cinematographer's Toolkit to Craft Astounding Images with DSLRs
Chapter 1 Composition, Blocking and Camera Movement
Chapter 2 Lighting
Chapter 3 Tonal Scale, Exposure, and Lenses
Chapter 4 Using Picture Styles
Chapter 5 Recording Quality Audio
Chapter 6 Postproduction Workflow and Techniques
Part II Master DSLR Shooters at Work
Chapter 7 Case Study 1: Getting the Film Look in a Short Fiction: Casulo (2009), directed by Bernardo Uzeda, Brazil, 17 min.
Chapter 8 Case Study 2: Getting the Film Look in Documentary Journalism: 16 Teeth: Cumbria's Last Traditional Rakemakers (2009), directed by Rii Schroer, England, 2:29 min.
Chapter 9 Case Study 3: Getting the Film Look in a Short Documentary: A Day at the Races (2010), directed by Philip Bloom, United States, 6 min.
Chapter 10 Case Study 4: Getting the Film Look in a Short Fiction: Chrysalis (2010), directed by Jeremy Thomas, United States, XX min.
Chapter 11 Case Study 5: Getting the Film Look in a Short Fiction: The Last Three Minutes (2010), directed by Po Chan and Shane Hurlbut, ASC, United States, 3:37 min.
Part III Getting the Gear and Telling Your Stories
Chapter 12 DSLR Cinema Gear by Budget
Chapter 13 How to Tell Better Stories with Your DSLR
Afterword by Philip Bloom
Appendix I Image Resolution
Appendix II ISO Tests for the Canon 5D Mark II and 7D
Appendix III Exposure and Dynamic Range
Appendix IV Luminance and Chrominance Compression
Additional Info
    • Publisher: Focal Press
    • Page Count: 294
    • ISBN#: 9.78024E+12