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Kodak Master Class Series: Shooting For Black & White With Allen Daviau, ASC and Denis Lenoir

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Kodak Master Class Series
This unique series, sponsored by the Kodak Worldwide Student Program, features nine of the world's finest cinematographers sharing their wealth of experience in a workshop setting, as they guide you through a series of professional lighting problems both in the studio and on location. 3-D computer animations are used to vividly illustrate solutions.

Shooting For Black & White With Allen Daviau, ASC and Denis Lenoir
Allen Daviau, ASC (The Falcon and The Snowman, Avalon, Bugsy, Twilight Zone, The Color Purple) takes students back to the golden age of cinematography — the 1920's. He painstakingly recreates the shooting style by employing the filtration, vignetting, aspect ratios and shot coverage of the period. In doing so he evokes the spirit and dynamic of the B&W silent screen masterpieces. Denis Lenoir (Monsieur Hire, Daddy Nostalgie/These Fooling Things, Paris Awakes Shuttlecock) creates an intriguing comparison to the work of Daviau by using modern cinematic techniques featuring a moving camera. He shoots with both color and B&W stock to make the comparison complete.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: As well as being a storehouse of practical information, this program is an ode to the haunting beauty of black and white cinematography and a wonderful essay on the changing art of the cinematographer from the 1920's to the present day.

VHS & DVD 55 minutes.
Now available in DVD