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Master Shots Vol 3: The Director's Vision: 100 Setups, Scenes and Moves for Your Breakthrough Movie

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The Master Shots books have garnered critical acclaim throughout the world. In this new volume, Kenworthy gets directors to define their vision in every shot and provides advanced techniques to make a breakthrough film.

“Kenworthy puts down on paper a film language that has been passed down only by word of mouth since the days of Méliès and D. W. Griffith, and makes tangible and permanent what otherwise might be gone with the wind.”
— John Badham, Director, Saturday Night Fever

“A fascinating look at amazingly simple ways to use the camera, making this an essential read for anyone looking to hone the craft of visual storytelling.”
— Erin Corrado,

“Master Shots Vol 3 offers fabulous insight into the purpose behind each shot. I'm so thankful for this book — it’s my new secret weapon!”
— Trevor Mayes, Screenwriter/Director

Christopher Kenworthy is the creator of a new series of Master Shots eBooks (with HD video and audio) including Master Shots: Action, Master Shots: Suspense, and Master Shots: Story. He’s also the author of the best-selling Master Shots Vols 1 and 2, two novels, and many short stories. Christopher is known on an international level as a writer, director, and producer of music videos, visual eects, tutorials, and commercial projects. He currently lives in Australia with two daughters and the actor Molly Kerr