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Arri Flexi Belt
Price: $21.95
You Save: $13.05
The Arri Flexi Utility Belt is perfect for grips. Features a hook & loop adjustable waist and equipped with quick release clip. Designed to accommodate your own clip-on, belt-loop or tie-on storage pouches but is also…
This very dark glass filter allows you to look directly at the light when focusing. Approximately 2" in diameter with a lanyard attached, it protects your eyes while you are aiming the light and adjusting…
Bongo Ties 10 per Package
Price: $6.49
You Save: $3.46
The minute you SNAP a BongoTie™ into place, you realize that you've discovered the very best way to fasten or organize all those unruly items in your life!
Key Features:
    .OLV-37-03: ~ 0.3 density; for lower speed film (below ISO 250).OLV-37-06: ~ 0.6 density; for higher speed film (above ISO 250).Compresses…
Key Features:.
    .Professional production slate for video and film featuring grey scale clapper sticksAcrylic surface for dry erase markers.Clapper sticks magnetized to keep them together…
Convenient, compact and durable, this AC pouch provides plenty of pockets and features.
Bluestar chamois eye cushions are exclusively made from the highest quality genuine oil-tanned Lambskin English chamois leather. The chamois is wheel-buffed to downy softness, making it the best thing to wear against your own skin…
Light Speed Wrench
Price: $47.95
This 3/8" And 3/4" Light Speed Wrench Is A Handy Tool For Getting Your Work Done Quickly.
Magazine Table
Price: $1,895.00
Sale Price: $1,895.00

This unique MAGAZINE TABLE was constructed using (3) connected classic 1000’ Mitchell 35mm motion picture film magazines.

Manfrotto 386BC Nano Clamp
Price: $35.00
You Save: $4.00
The Nano Clamp is also a full pack of new technological advances:. - a new patented unexposed thread system. - a new high friction tape which improves the grip. - high performance aluminium. - pull…
Price: $29.95
You Save: $5.00
The new all-in-one photographic solution exclusively designed by Manfrotto to satisfy the needs of iPhone® 5/5s users; who love to capture special moments and want to do so in style. Available in four…