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3D Movie Making
3D Movie Making
Price: $42.99
You Save: $6.96
Hollywood is going 3D! Join the revolution with this primer to all of the essential skills for live action 3D, from preproduction through distribution.  3D perception and science is presented in an accessible way…
Bankroll: A New Approach to Financing Feature Films (2nd Edition)
When the first edition of this lively and exuberant book was released it instantly became the "gold standard" for indie film finance. This second edition has been completely updated and revised to reflect the ever-changing�
Beginner's guide  to production (3 set)
Beginner's guide to production (3 set)
Price: $99.95
You Save: $49.05
Recommended by Adobe Premiere. Featuring Adobe's "Premiere Pro" Editing Software. "Everything you need to know about making a "digital" movie. Over 6 hours of technical tips and tricks, explained as simply as you're gonna get…
Better Location Shooting Techniques for Video Production
Location filming is growing in popularity with the abundance of affordable cameras. You don't need a studio, a broadcast truck, or even extensive knowledge of how to use a 16mm film camera--all you need…
Color Correction for Video, 2nd Edition
Color Correction for Video, 2nd Edition
Price: $37.46
You Save: $12.49
Use color to improve your storytelling, deliver critical emotional cues, and add impact to you videos. This book shows you how to analyze color correction problems and solve them- whatever NLE or plugin you use.
Cutting Rhythms
Cutting Rhythms
Price: $39.95
How does a film editor make decisions about where and when to cut in order to make a film 'feel right'? Generally speaking, the answer is, 'it's intuitive', which is accurate but leaves one wanting…
Digital Moviemaking 3.0
Digital Moviemaking 3.0
Price: $18.50
You Save: $6.45
This is not another "how-to-make-a-movie" book. This book is about how to be successful at making your movies in a very competitive market. Scott Billups' experience-backed advice will kick your professionalism, tool set and image…
Documentary in the Digital Age
Documentary in the Digital Age
Price: $30.95
You Save: $10.00
Maxine Baker, herself an experienced investigative journalist and documentary maker, examines the many different and innovative approaches to documentary form and style arising from the use of new and low-budget technology (eg. DVcam).
Film and Video Budgets
How much is this production cost? Learn how to answer this question and much more with this ultimate guide for various productions. For over 15 years this book has been the essential handbook for the…
Film Budgeting: Or, How Much Will It Cost to Shoot Your Movie?
The companion book to the best-selling Film Scheduling and its workbook (The Film Scheduling/Film Budgeting Workbook), Film Budgeting takes the reader through the steps of converting a motion picture schedule to a professional motion…
Film Production Management 101
Film Production Management 101
Price: $32.95
You Save: $7.00
Film Production Management 101 and Patz' previous "Surviving Production" were quickly adopted as "the" essential road map to the business and logistics of on-the-job film & television production since 1997. Originally developed from practical tools Patz…
Film Production Management, 3rd Edition
Film Production Management will tell you in step-by-step detail how to produce a screenplay and get it onto the big screen. Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned film professional, this book will be an…