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A collection of cinematography and production references selected for the budding filmmaker.
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3D Movie Making
Price: $42.99
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Hollywood is going 3D! Join the revolution with this primer to all of the essential skills for live action 3D, from preproduction through distribution.  3D perception and science is presented in an accessible way…
AC Manual &10th Ed. (Hardcover)
Price: $99.95
You Save: $25.04
Known as the "Filmmaker's bible," for several generations, one of the world's most widely used cinema reference books is more comprehensive than ever — moving into the digital side of image capture.
AC Video Manual — 3rd Ed. (Paperback)
Price: $29.95
You Save: $20.00
font color=cc0000>2ND Printing

This third edition incorporates and updates the best segments from the previous manuals and adds new information about emerging digital technologies. Learn how to create video…

The first half of this book is devoted to teaching a systemized approach
that can be used to design the very best moving shot for any dialogue
scene, no matter how complex or long.
This comprehensive manual has inspired tens of thousands of readers worldwide to realize their artistic vision and produce well-constructed films. Filled with practical advice on every stage of production, this is the book you will…
An amazing deal! Get a six month digital subscription to American Cinematographer AND the book Selected Tables, Charts and Formulas for the Student Cinematographer 2nd Edition. The perfect reference tools for…
Total Directing
Price: $21.95
You Save: $8.00
TOTAL DIRECTING is the first book to fully integrate the technical aspects of screen directing with practical methods for directing actors, deeply and carefully exploring how these two primary aspects of the director's craft work…
Translation of Film and Video Terms
Price: $6.95
You Save: $13.00
These translation dictionaries list technical film terms for English to French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish and also from each language back to English.